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'slipout,' in my eyes, symbolizes frustration — marked by an immutable desire to escape.




2013-08-25 15.08.20.jpg




I remember starting this song in July of 2013 — I'd spent the entire preceding day biking around Cape May, taking photos on my phone of whatever I saw in the back alleys and fields outside of town. That became a cathartic experience I'd often revisit over the next several summers.



I guess I was just searching for something else beyond this small town - ironically, without leaving the island we're on. I didn't have a car. My wings were clipped. So, I figured I'd find what inspiration I could without actually leaving.








'Slipout' started as just rhodes, drums, and bass — the intro section, as it stands now. I always loved the groove, but I didn't have an end direction for it yet. My inspiration was concentrated, but it was fleeting.







Here's the metaphor:



'Slipout' captures my wistful desire to leave Cape May behind, even though I knew I'd end up back here again.

And every summer, I added a new section to this song as my escapism sharpened.

The song develops tension throughout its three sections.

All I wanted was to slip out.



In the end, I come back home, but I don't have to fight it anymore. I've grown to love this place.






for a quarter of the year, moving to this town meant I relinquished everything I had in new york city — friends, community, solidarity.



so I replaced it with music.