this is my first project made without sampling records. if it sounds like a departure from my old work, well, it should, because it was made differently.








Without samples I have to more deeply consider every creative choice that’s made. I'm obsessive over details. Those choices represent who we are as artists and as humans.



When I write music I focus on crafting an experience. It's less about writing "songs" - the process becomes a matter of directing the listener's feelings with sounds and textures.







Replaced as a whole is really just a matured, refined version of what I’ve always done. The sounds might be different, but I'm the same person making the music. I just had a bit more to say this time around.



Onwards to the next chapter. Growth through the inevitable passage of time.







The ideal way to listen to this project is alone, loudly, in headphones, and repeatedly. I want you to hang out with my music — notice the details, and get to know them really well.



All of my music is a metaphor. Subtlety abounds. Take stock of what's around you.







my surroundings are always my primary inspiration. thus 'replaced' is an ode to my hometown.





Come visit during the height of summer. I’ll make you to ditch your car, hop on a bike, and then I'll take you to every corner of this island.

Far enough away from the town that you don’t even recognize it as Cape May anymore — it’s just nondescript rural South Jersey.







I’ll take you under the bridge by the canal — there’s this beach with dead horseshoe crabs and driftwood everywhere and we'll use the backdrop of passing boats to sit and talk about life and stuff.








I'm mostly interested in learning what stokes the fire that burns in your soul. Things of that nature. 


Then we'll ride back to town and I'll buy you a beer for the trouble.








making this EP was, in many ways, my defense against loneliness.



This record was born from deep thought, standing at the edge of town at night, staring over the ocean into blackness and considering my place in this world.



It was born from exploring every crevice of the island on a steamy July day, armed with a rusty bike and a phone camera — documenting everything I came across.







for a quarter of the year, moving to this town meant I relinquished everything I had in new york city — friends, community, solidarity.



so I replaced it with music.






~ download includes ~

- original 2014 release of 'Passage'

- two bonus beats from 2013

- digital photo booklet

- hi-res wallpapers & more


available Friday on all platforms.