'passage' symbolizes personal growth, more so than any other song I've released.







In 2014, I put out the first version of the song. It was intended to mark a transitional point in my sound. But ultimately I wasn’t satisfied with it, or the statement it made, so I pulled it off the internet.



It was the wrong time. I had more to say, and the song was too important to let it whimper like that. So I went back to the drawing board.







There were a number of other song demos I'd started around the same time — summer 2013.

Together they formed a story, and I realized that 'Passage' was merely part one.

In the changes I've made to 'Passage,' you can hear the metamorphoses I've gone through as well.


I hope it resonates with you.








for a quarter of the year, moving to this town meant I relinquished everything I had in new york city — friends, community, solidarity.



so I replaced it with music.





~ download includes ~

- original 2014 release of 'Passage'

- two bonus beats from 2013

- digital photo booklet

- hi-res wallpapers & more


available Friday on all platforms.